Big10 6×10 V-Nose Ramp. Big 10, made by C&B Quality Trailer Works, is an overbuilt enclosed cargo trailer following the same theme of their other products. Therefore, these trailers are perfect for the heavy use customer. Made with upgraded 1/2″ plywood on the walls and 3/4″ for the painted floor as standard features.

This Big10 6×10 V-Nose Ramp comes with a rear ramp door and a side door all with heavy duty bar locks. A 3,000LB axle and mounted spare handle your mobility. 6FT interior height, 16-inch V-Nose, 16 inches on center roof, walls and floor continue the heavy use theme. Even more features are the one-piece aluminum roof, flow through vents and LED lighting. Finally, as a heavy use work trailer they didn’t forgo aesthetics. Consequently, there is polished diamond plate on the 24″ gravel guard, lower edges and the Jeep style fenders. Above all you just need to come and check this one out!

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