Frontier LowPro 8Pen Trailer. Frontier Pen trailers are manufactured by ALCOM, Your #1 Aluminum Trailer Manufacture in North America. ( They are quality built for a reasonable price and that quality is immediately noticeable. As a result, the quality of these trailers is impressive. This Frontier LowPro 8Pen Trailer has tandem 3500LB axles with all-wheel electric brakes. Further exterior features include additional marker lights, custom wheels, extended tongue and drop-down windows.

In addition, for your animals in the pen area, they will stay cool with individual vents and the area is setup for plug in fans and wired for A/C. Lighting is plentiful with puck and rope lighting throughout. The interior is completely insulated and lined with colored panels on the walls and ceiling. Feeding your animals from the outside is easy with feed access doors located at each pen and bucket hangers for watering on each pen. Pens can be configured in 50/50 or 60/40 configurations or can be completely removed in sections for larger animals.

The tack room has hanging spots for additional watering and feed buckets. Additionally for the humans, hat rack and clothing rod provide places for your show clothing. Need to access the pen area from the tack room, no problem, there’s an access door for that! This entire trailer is wired for 30 amps with power outlets throughout and then plug in via supplied shore power cable. There are even more features some come and check it out for yourself! Certainly, a really great trailer for the price.

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Trailers may be shown with optional or discontinued equipment. Features, options, and packages are subject to change without notice.