Horizon Roll-Off Dump G/N 14K. To purchase the best dump trailer from a leader in the industry you’re going to have to spend serious money. However, Horizon Trailers although a newer manufacturer, set out to build the highest quality trailers right from the start so you can save money. Versatility is what makes this roll-off dump system stand out. First, go to the job site and drop off an empty roll-off bin and go to your next job site and pick up a loaded bin and take it to the dump. In conclusion, always keep your workers moving with an empty bin. Purchase any number of bins you choose.

Quality and durability throughout

No worries about durability, this Horizon Roll-Off Dump G/N 14K has 10 and 12-gauge steel constructing the dump box. Welding on top and bottom of the box illustrates the durability theme. Quality continues with large frame rails and supports and other top-quality products on the G/N trailer. Another feature is the scissor lift system they use. Consequently, it provides more than ample lifting power and longevity. A powerful winch is used to load and unload your full or empty bins. Safety is paramount when the bin is loaded onto the trailer, so a strong safety locking system is utilized.

Features and appearance are prevalent

Tandem 7K pound axles (14/9.9K) with brakes on all wheels provides the capacity and stopping power necessary. Even more features include a battery, wired and wireless remote controls and a charger to keep your battery charged. As a result, this roll-off dump is made to provide the ultimate in versatility. And finally, they didn’t forget about appearance, they powder coat their trailers providing the ultimate in durability and looks. In conclusion, come see for yourself, you will be extremely impressed!

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