Texas Bragg 18ft CCC 7K. Texas Bragg Trailers has been building quality dependable work-ready trailers for 39 years! They build almost every type of trailer, from single axle utility trailers to tandem dual hydraulic dump trailers. Certainly this Texas Bragg 18ft CCC 7K is the epitome of durability. If you’ve looked at other car trailers and then see this one, the quality and durability is noticeable. As a result it has tandem 3500LB axles with brakes on all wheels, therefore hauling and braking are no issue. A swing leg jack assures you can get your jack out of the way for low driveways. Finally slide out ramps and LED lights mean you can load and see this trailer easily. We are sure that if you come to us after shopping for other car trailers, you will buy this one!

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