Texas Bragg 18FT SP/TG. Texas Bragg Trailers know how to build a strong and dependable trailer. They’ve been doing it for 39 years so they’re experience is evident everywhere you look. This Texas Bragg 18FT SP/TG is a very versatile trailer. With it’s length, capacity of over 5300 pounds and split tailgate, you have many options of things to haul. It’s split tailgate (SP/TG) feature is one you don’t see often but provides benefits not usually thought of. First of all it provides extra strength while splitting up the weight of the extra metal used to support heavy objects. Next, when loading cargo items, at times you want one gate down while the other supports already loaded cargo. Finally, with LED lighting, spare tire mount and ample tie down points, your safety is covered. Whether you’re in construction, landscaping or just using it for personal use, this trailer can handle the work. Come and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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